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Cultural Competency for schools, organisations and therapists.

It's important for organisations and professionals to have values and practices which allow them to work with a diverse range of individuals and consider the intersectionalities of our identities.


About my cultural comptency training

I am a former School Teacher and Mental Health Therapist with over a decade of experience. I have a solid understanding of the education system and experience as a clinical supervisor, supporting therapists to reflect on and develop their practice, particularly their cultural competence.

I offer consultancy, training and workshops to practitioners and professionals who recognise the importance of developing their cultural competency.

Cultural competency cannot be achieved in one workshop or consultation. My training and consultancy are intended to start you on the journey and provide you with a framework to work from, along with tangible strategies suited to you or your organisation. 

Attending my workshops invites you to be, reflective and self-aware. It requires an awareness that the lens through which we work from is influenced by our identity and culture. The dominant culture which most professionals operate from is not inclusive of all identities.  It is ongoing reflective work that must be embedded into our practice.

My training and workshops invites you to reflect on the lens through which you operate, offers theoretical knowledge and practices and leaves you with tangible strategies that you can implement straight away.


Cultural competency training for schools

Cultural competency is essential for any professional working with children and young people. Children come from a diverse range of backgrounds and culture which is interwoven into their identity. Our children deserve professionals that are equipped to support, nurture and empower their whole self, which includes their identity and culture.

Three packages are available to schools:

Cultural Competency Training

A whole day training that explores working with identity, culture and intersectionality using 5 key components of cultural competence:

Attitude | Awareness | Reflection | Knowledge | Skills.

Language and Curriculum Matters

A 3-hour workshop that supports you in reviewing your policies and curriculum to allow for more inclusivity. It allows you to have an understanding of and honour the history, cultures and identity of the children and young people you work with. Rather than isolated teaching during Black History Month for example, you are provided with a range of resources that you can incorporate and embed into your whole school curriculum.

This workshops also looks at the language of microaggressions and updates you on terminologies. We look at the power of language and how it can be used to celebrate and embrace diversity, empowering our children to be who they are.

Helping children explore and celebrate their identity

One of my most popular workshops. An interactive and creative 3-hour workshop providing you with a range of ways to help children and young people explore and celebrate their identity. From conversation starters to book recommendations to games from different cultures, you will be left with a robust range of resources that are designed to embrace and celebrate each child's individual identity.

All the above training requires a pre-consultation meeting and a post-training consultation to discuss strategies implemented.

Personalised consultation and bespoke training and workshops also available, contact me to discuss your organisation's needs. 

If you are committed to developing your cultural competence, do contact me for more information.

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