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 Relax Kids is a seven steps mindfulness based programme designed to support your child's emotional well-being, improve their confidence and nurture their resilience. This is done by introducing them to how our emotional brain works, help them identify their own personal triggers and equip them with tools and techniques to manage their own well-being. The beauty of Relax Kids is that it is suitable for every child and it is not about waiting until there is a difficulty but about introducing them to good mental health strategies at an early stage.  So, should they have any difficulty they are already equipped to deal with it. 

Relax Kids Sessions

One to one sessions, small group work, family sessions and school workshops.

There are a range of ways you can access Relax Kids Sessions. 

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Relax Kids for children ages 4 - 16 years old 

Relax Kids uses a 7 steps system to teach children about relaxation and mindfulness through: movement, games, stretching, breathing exercises, peer massage, affirmations and visualizations. Relax Kids sessions are usually themed and are a great and fun way to introduce children to looking after their well-being. By giving children tools to manage their emotions, it teaches them valuable mental health skills that will last a lifetime.  As a result, the sessions help boost children’s confidence and self-esteem, develop their imaginations, and improves their communication skills.

Additionally Relax Kids have developed a range of children's books, and CDs that are mindfulness focused  and specifically designed to help children manage their stress, anxiety, and promote peaceful sleep. Our products are used by a range of professionals such as psychologists, teachers, play therapists, family therapists and yoga teachers. 


Chill Skills for Teens 

Chill Skills are one to one sessions designed to help improve teenage self esteem and to introduce a more positive outlook on life. Despite more awareness of the importance of good mental health, alarmingly, a significant percentage  of young people who experience a mental health difficulties do not receive the appropriate support and those that do often experience a long wait. It is thought that as many as one in six young people will experience an anxiety-related problem so it is vital we give them tools and information they can use to build resilience and make them feel less alone. Chill Skills is a good preventative program.

Chill Skills sessions help young people de-stress with a variety of relaxation and mindfulness exercises. Each session includes relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, visualization and encouraging discussions on topics related to improving mental and physical health. Sessions can work on specific issues like managing exam stress, secondary school transitions, bullying and general anxiety. This is a more focused, one to one discussion based sessions. Your child will learn more about the emotional brain and how their brain works under stress and take home valuable tips and mindfulness techniques that can help them be calm and more confident.

Contact me for more information on private classes, family sessions and school workshops. Discounted trial classes available.

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Relax Kids books, CDs and affirmation cards and calendars. There is  a range of Relax Kids products that can aid mindfulness and relaxation at home and in schools. They are currently not available for sale online but if interested please do contact me and I would be happy to provide you with a list of our products.

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