Supporting Schools with pupils' emotional well-being

Well-being workshop for staff, well-being group work for pupils, assemblies, staff training and mental health consultations

I have extensive experience working with schools in supporting pupil and staff mental health. As a former primary teacher, I have a good understanding of school systems and how best to support pupils within the school setting. My staff training and workshops can help schools develop a good understanding of children's mental health and how to address them in the classroom. It allows staff to explore and understand children's emotional development and their role supporting pupils with this. My workshops are always bespoke to meet the needs of each individual school.

The DFE (department of education) gives advice to schools on how to promote positive mental health in schools, how to help pupils understand the link between behaviour with mental health as well as how to identify pupils that may need extra support with their mental health. These guidelines inform my work in my consultation with schools. As a mental health consultant, I work closely with pastoral staff and leadership teams in ensuring that positive mental health practices are embedded into the school system.  

My aim is to inform pupils and staff about good mental health, stressing the importance of understanding the link between mental health and behaviour. All behaviour is a communication, I help staff understand and respond to this communication. More importantly, I help pupils' understand their own conscious or unconscious communications thus empowering them to communicate their feelings in a more positive way. This is a life skill that builds their confidence and increases their resilience. When children have their mental health needs met, they can then get on with the task of learning and achieving their full potential. 


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Promoting positive mental health in your schools is investing in your pupils' futures.