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Below are just a few online resources and books I think may be useful for parents and children.  There are so many resources out there on a range of topics. Please do contact me if you need help finding resources for a certain area or issue.

A children’s well-being activity pack with a range of activities that gives children a way to talk about their feelings. It is designed to nurture confidence to build resilience via learning to communicate their feelings and the introduction of coping strategies.

You can purchase this here.

CBT Doodling for Kids by Tanja Sharpe

A great interactive workbook that has a range of activities that support good mental health.

Kooth has online counsellors available to help young people with their difficulties. A lot of young people have fed back they like the online, easy to access aspect of it.

This book addresses children's mental health in a positive way and introduces to children the way our feelings can affect us, it sends the message that it is ok not to be ok sometimes. 

Online and phone counselling service for children and young people. 


Relax Kids - CD and book resources 

Relax Kids have a range of mindfulness based resources to support and promote good mental health in children and young people. These can be purchased from me directly, discounts available for multiple purchases.

looking after your Mental Health

An easy to read and use book promoting positive mental health. 

Cyber Mentors - An online peer mentoring service for children aged 11-18 years old. 

Created by the charity Beat Bullying UK, children can receive support from their peers. 

No Worries book for children and young people who feel anxious. 

An interactive activity workbook that is a good introduction to helping children and young people begin to address their worries. 


The whole brain child by Dan Siegel

A book I regularly dip into as a therapist and a parent. It provides a  simple, easy to read understanding of how the brain works in relation to us and our children using everyday examples. That knowledge can then inform our parenting and contribute to raising happy and resilent children.


If you are worried about any child or young person that is at risk of harm, including serious self-injury during normal working hours, please contact your GP.  If it's out of hours, please contact A&E, Police or Children's Social Services.

What's going on inside my head? by Molly Potter

A good book for parent/s and or carers to read with younger children.

Young Minds - an online well-being directory. 

This site has a range of resources and support on all things related to youth mental health.

The book you wish your parents had read. By Philippa Perry

This is one for parents that is less about parenting tips but focuses more on the relationship between the parent and child and factors that can affect and improve that. 

Papyrus - a UK charity for the prevention of young suicide.  0800 068 4141 

Helpline number - 0800 068 4141

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