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Online Courses

If you would like to build more moments of communication and connection with your child/ren, or improve their overall mental health, I'm delighted to present two brand new online courses:

- Improve your child’s self-esteem and well-being course. This is a self-paced course filled with a range of well-being activities aimed at 5 -12 years old to improve their self-esteem and well-being.

- Help your child with their anxiety course. This course is for you if you have a child experiencing any form of anxiety and you need real tangible strategies to support them.

Improve your Child’s Self Esteem and Well-being

Boosting your child’s well-being and self-esteem requires creating environments in which they can express themselves and communicate their feelings. Engaging in regular activities that are designed to improve well-being practices and skills will also improve self-esteem in children. This course will offer you just that; a range of family-friendly activities to do with your children.

Help Your Child With Their Anxiety

If you have a child experiencing anxiety, this course will provide you with all you need to know about anxiety, alongside practical ideas to help your child. You can complete the course in your own time and you will gain access to a private FB group where I will be running fortnightly live Q&A sessions, responding to your questions on your child’s anxiety.

Course Bundle

Purchase both courses and save £25

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